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Nate Turner

AIA Emeritus

Portrait of Nate Turner

Ever since I was a young boy taking drafting classes in Junior High, I’ve had a fascination and love for the built environment. My fascination ultimately led me to pursue a degree in Architecture from the University of Idaho where upon graduation I started my 35-year career in Architecture, transitioning from intern to architect to partner in one of Idaho’s more prestigious design firms.

It was during this time that I developed my understanding of how photographs are such an integral part of an architects work. Over the years my interest in architecture and photography began to blend. After years of photographing my firms work, I transitioned to full time architectural photographer upon an early retirement from my architectural practice.

My experience as an architect makes me well suited to photograph the built environment. Having been there myself, I have a deep understanding of the painstaking process it takes to bring a stunning piece of architecture through to completion. I see myself as an extension of the design team, tasked with capturing images of each project in a way that showcases the design intent and tells a compelling story through the use of composition, light, tone, color, and texture.

“The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building”

–Louis Kahn